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No Deposit Home Loans

The days of the 100% home loan unfortunately came to an end on 9th April 2009 when St.George Bank withdrew their No Deposit Home Loan from the market. There is an alternative though that will still allow you to borrow 100% of the purchase price. A guarantor is required to apply for this loan. Please see our Guarantor Home Loan page for more information on this type of home loan. 

If you don't have a guarantor then unfortunately we are unable to offer you a 100% home loan. The maximum you may now be able to borrow without a guarantor is 97% of the purchase price. Please note though that in order to borrow 97% of the purchase price you will be required to have 'genuine savings' of at least 3% of the purchase price if you are a first home buyer or 5% if you are not a first home buyer. Please see our first home loan page for information on the close alternatives to a no deposit home loan. 


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