Mortgage Calculators

Loan Calculators To Help You Calculate Your Mortgage Repayments

An important part of finding the right mortgage is calculating what the repayments will be on the amount you borrow. You may also want to know how your mortgage term will be affected by making extra repayments. The following calculators will help you with such tasks.

Repayment Calculator

This calculates the amount of the monthly repayment once you have specified the amount, interest rate and loan duration.

Pay Back Time Calculator

This calculates the time it will take to repay a loan once you have specified your monthly payment, balance and interest rate.

Amortisation Calculator

This calculates your monthly repayments as well as showing you what the balance of your loan will be at the end of each month. It will also show you how much principal and how much interest you are paying with each repayment.

Stamp Duty Calculator

This calculates the stamp duty and government charges you will incur when purchasing a property